Bryan's Block Grant Funding Proposal Laid Out

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The proposed plan for Bryan's block grant funds was shown off to the public Monday evening.

At public hearings Monday, the city laid out it's proposal for the block grants, which total more than $950,000.

Of that, a little less than a third ($293,846) is slated to go towards homeowner housing assistance. The full propsed plan is available at the link below.

City officials say they will allocate the maximum 15 percent to public service agencies like MHMR and the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

"I wanted to thank the city for bringing these funds to this area and encourage the city to allow the 15 percent available to these projects for public facilities and public service," encouraged Bill Kelly with the local MHMR.

Residents commented to the community development advisory committee on issues like flooding creeks and poor sidewalks, asking for some funds to go towards those causes.

The city council and the federal government have final approval on the proposal.