Five Dead After Plane Hits Florida Homes

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SANFORD, Fla. -- Two of the people killed in the crash of a small plane near Orlando, Florida today have been identified as the husband of a NASCAR official and a pilot for the auto-racing organization.

They were on board the plane that crashed while trying to land at the Orlando airport. Three people on the ground were also killed in the crash, which set homes on fire.

NASCAR confirms that one of the dead is Doctor Bruce Kennedy. He was a Daytona Beach plastic surgeon and was the husband of NASCAR official Lesa France Kennedy, who is president of International Speedway Corporation.

Also killed was Michael Klemm, a pilot with NASCAR Aviation.

The three others who died were an adult and two children who had been in homes set on fire by the crash. Three others were injured.

The crash spilled aviation fuel into homes, contributing to the spread of the fire. The wreckage was left in pieces through the backyards of five or six homes.

The twin-engine Cessna was headed from Daytona Beach to Lakeland when the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. He tried to land in Orlando, but crashed about a mile or two from the airport.