Traffic Study for CS's East Side to be Unveiled

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College Station is set to present the findings of their east-side traffic study.

In February, the city commissioned the study to find ways to alleviate traffic issues residents were complaining about. The study came as the city council rejected a proposed Wal-Mart development at the corner of Rock Prairie and Highway 6.

City officials say the intersection is the focus of some major changes proposed in the study, including the realignment of roads and the spreading of traffic volume to the new Barron Road interchange.

"Frankly, I was not sure we were going to come up with good answers, but I knew we needed to do something, and I believe they've come up with some really good ways of thinking about this," said Mark Smith, College Station's public works director.

The study was run during the school year when there was a full traffic load. Model have been run in the aftermath as different options have been looked at to alleviate the traffic.

The study will be revealed in a public meeting starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Christ United Methodist Church. Input from residents will be sought.