YouTube Video May Show Drugged Child; Authorities Investigate

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HOUSTON -- Authorities have interviewed the young women who videotaped themselves laughing at a toddler and joking that she'd taken the drug Ecstasy.

Harris County authorities say it's unclear whether the girl, was rolling her eyes and acting strangely while on the floor of a van, had been given any drugs.

The video originally appeared on YouTube.

Sheriff's Lieutenant John Martin says the women said they were bored during a return trip from Padre Island and were playing with the girl, who'd been told to roll her eyes.

Authorities say seven people from Houston were in the van.

Child Protective Services says one of the passengers in the cars had a MySpace profile that identified her as a 17-year-old from "H-town" - Houston.

No charges have been filed.

The F-B-I's Houston office is also involved in the investigation.