Seal Coating Project Starts on College Station Streets

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Crews in College Station will be hard at work over the next week or two, improving roadways for motorists.

A seal coating project is underway in areas along Southwest Parkway west of Texas Avenue.

Sections of Oney Hervey, Arizona, Phoenix, S. Dexter, Concho, Llano, Leona, Arboles Cr., Madera Cr., and Guadalupe are among the first streets to receive the new surface.

“Seal coating is part of the City’s preventive maintenance program, actually adding four to five years of use with the addition of the asphalt surface,” said Gary Balmain, Streets and Drainage Superintendent. “Not only do you get a smoother riding surface, but the moisture barrier extends the life of our streets.”

During the construction phase of the project, work zones move quickly so motorists are urged to pay close attention to directions being given as heavy trucks and equipment will be moving in and out of the zones. Area residents are asked to expect possible travel delays.

Streets will not be closed, but access will be controlled in the work zones. No on-street parking will be allowed.