Brazos County Officials Officially Want Trans Texas Corridor

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The possible addition of two superhighways to Brazos County has local officials wanting inclusion in a state study.

The Bryan-College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee is joining both cities and the county to encourage the Texas Department of Transportation to include Brazos County in a proposed feasibility study of the Trans Texas Corridor 69 highway.

TxDot approved $2 million dollars to conduct the study. Currently, Brazos County is not included in the study's target area. At Wednesday's MPO meeting a formal resolution was read stating Brazos County officials' desire for that to change.

MPO's chairman, Charles Sippial said the county's inclusion could provide an easier avenue into BCS and the county, by way of the proposed Interstate 14 project, should it be built.

"What an interstate provides is ease of accessibility of the university to other places within the state and outside of the state," Sippial said.

The TTC-69, is a part of the total Trans Texas Corridor, would link Mexico to Canada. Interstate 14 is a proposed highway from Austin to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that will run into the TTC-69 and already existing interstates.

The proposal has drawn strong opposition from several area counties including Grimes, Waller, Washington and Robertson.