Trinity River Raising Concerns For Walker County Officials

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Flood waters dumping into the Trinity River in the Dallas area, plus heavy rains in the Brazos Valley has the attention of Walker County emergency officials like Chief Deputy A.L. Davis.

"We were on conference calls with the governor's division of emergency management and we really started monitoring it," Davis said.

Since July 1, Davis has been keeping a watchful eye on the river because those waters began to swell Lake Livingston. The water has risen so much that residents in the Deep River Plantation and Green Rich Shores Subdivisions are forced to wade or drive through front yard and street ponds.

Some homes in the area have been invaded by rising waters and more homes could soon meet the same fate, because more water is expected to make its way to Walker County.

"In Deep River I look for about according to everything I'm being told look for that for about another foot rise over there," Davis said. "Green Rich Shores, will probably get another 1/2 of a foot rise."

This is the third flood residents like Lester Butcher who's lived in the area for 13 years has seen. Despite what he sees, he is not worried that he can fish from his garage door.

"I'm staying here regardless. I got big tires on my truck and I can go in and out," Butcher said. "Four more inches not gone hurt."

Another long time resident along the water is Paul Pondish. He said is not real concerned about the rising water creeping up towards his home.

Pondish said anyone who has a house near water must understand this could happen.

"You live along the river that's what you have to get used to," Pondish said.

Right now, the river is not threatening enough for Walker County Judge Danny Pierce to order a mandatory evacuation. However, Davis said with rain in the forecast for the next few days, contingency plans and emergency response personnel are gearing up anyway.

"With the water falling out of the sky I have no idea, we just have to wait and see what comes our way," Davis said.

Just as a precaution he is urging residents in flood areas to have a family emergency evacuation kit prepared.