Local Indictments Include Child Porn, Assault Charges

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A Brazos County grand jury has come back with an indictment on an Humble man living in College Station.

According to court documents, Colby Kelch admitted in an interview for a Secret Service job that he had downloaded child porn. College Station police were contacted, and after interviewing the 23-year-old, obtained a warrant. They found numerous pictures of children performing sexual acts.

Kelch faces three, third-degree felony counts.

Also indicted was 21-year-old Stacey Bradshaw, who was arrested back in May, accused of a number of charges. Her recent indictments are for fraudulent use of identifying information and burglary with intent to commit another felony, that being aggravated assault.

Bradshaw allegedly held a knife to her mother as she tried to leave her mother's home with her son.