Dancing From Texas to New York

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Modern dance may not be as widespread as Christine Bergeron would like here in the Brazos Valley but the dance company she belongs to impressed the New York dance community.

On the first try, the company was accepted to perform in the New York International Fringe Festival.

"To our surprise we got in," Bergeron said.

Bergeron is the co-artistic director in the Armstrong-Bergeron Dance Company, a modern dance company.

"It's an international festival held in New York every year. It's really a very prestigious festival," Bergeron said.

The dance company hosted the Brazos Contemporary Dance Festival. Several dance companies from throughout Texas put on performances at the Stage Center Community Theatre on Friday and Saturday.

The event had one main purpose when it was scheduled.

"Let people know in the art community there is dance," Bergeron said. "It's just not theater and music, but we also exist."

However, after being accepted to participate in the Fringe Festival, the purpose was included to raise money to help seven of Bergeron's dancers and four crew members pay their way to the New York stage.

"You have to put on you own show. They don't give you crew members and lighting designers and sound technicians," Bergeron said. "So, you have to bring them all with you."

Dancer Aurbery Eyeington has danced in the Big Apple before and say she would love to do it again.

"I'm just really excited to be in the city again. I mean, I love New York and just to be there to do what I love is a really awesome opportunity," Eyeington said.

The dance company would like the support of Brazos Valley art lovers to help them realize their dreams of New York lights. Two more events are scheduled before the New York Festival begins. For more information click the link below.