Bracing for the Brazos River's Crest

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People who remember how fast the Brazos River escaped its banks back in 1991 are not taking any chances on being caught off guard again.

News of the possible flooding of the Brazos spread like wildfire among those who live by the river like Joe Wilder.

"We checked with the Brazos River Authority and did some checking around, calling neighbors, neighbors calling us," Wilder said.

Wilder's farming and ranching operations were damaged by the '91 flood. On Sunday, he spent the afternoon moving cattle and whatever else he could out of harm's way, just like everybody else.

"A lot of farmers have started trying to move equipment around," Wilder said. "Trying to get it on higher ground."

An even more pressing concern for farmers on the river bottom is the survival of their crops. Most of what has been planted is a month away from being harvested and even though the Brazos River is being forecasted to crest then return to its banks farmers will be devastated.

"The damage will be done," Wilder said. The water--the amount of water that will go over it and it's a possibly it can wash it down and so if it does that we're threw."

Despite vigorous preparations, all residents and farmers along the river can do now is wait until Monday to see if their efforts were enough.