Brazos River Expected to Fall to Normal Levels by Tuesday

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Recent rainfall prompted river flood warnings in several parts of the Brazos Valley.

Local officials have been concerned that several rivers may exceed their banks. But when it comes to the Brazos River, the worst is over.

Monday the river crested at around 46 feet and by Tuesday afternoon it should be back to normal at 43 feet.

Still, those who live by the river were watching it closely Monday to make sure they were safe.

"I think it's been higher, but I've never seen it this high before," Burleson County Resident Barry Blum said.

The fisherman who has retreated to the Brazos River for several years had to see what everyone else was talking about.

Others had the same idea.

Some captured history in the making, while others made sure their livelihood would be protected.

"We got a number of cows in a low lying area and we're just concerned about them," Burleson County Resident Tony Kubicek said. "We may need to move them, that's why we're monitoring the water."

Kubicek, a Snook rancher, has seen the river rise and fall for decades.

The river crested Monday afternoon and is expected to fall to normal levels by Tuesday.

And for those who have seen the river crest before they have faith they're safe this time.

There are also river flood warnings in affect for the Trinity and the Navasota River.
The Navasota River could reach 19 feet early Tuesday morning.