Dallas Officer Shot by His Own Taser

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DALLAS (AP) - Dallas police say an officer was shot by a woman with his own Taser during a visit to the officer's home while he was on duty.

Officer Charles Jeffers told investigators he'd stopped to use the restroom at his home Sunday night while on his way to investigate a burglary. He let a woman he knew into the house, leading to her shooting the Taser.

Jeffers is on restricted duty while police review the incident.

Lieutenant Vernon Hale, a police spokesman, says police are still trying to figure out just what happened.

The woman says she picked up the Taser, believing it was a flashlight, while Jeffers was in the bathroom, according to a police report.

Police say she claims to have accidentally pulled the trigger.

A Taser prong hit Jeffers in the chin. Paramedics removed the prong and Jeffers was not seriously injured.