Local Stores Prepare for Harry Potter Fans

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The wait is almost over for avid Harry Potter fans. At the stroke of midnight fans will finally get the answers they've been waiting for.

"We're going to read it on the ride home. She's going to drive and I'm going to be the passenger reading by flashlight," Brenham Resident Denice Franco said. "We did it that way with the last book, and I'm going to do it again this time. I got through two chapters on the way home last time."

Local book stores are preparing for the crowds with a variety of events including photo opportunities, wand making classes, and chances to help local charities such as the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

Large numbers of fans are expected out in the early morning hours to grab a copy of the latest and last of the Potter series.

"They're all wondering what's going to happen to Harry, how it's going to turn out. People are very worried about Harry's health at this time and whether he survives. There's a lot of speculation about that," Kerre Cole with Barnes and Noble said. "It's been building for ten years, and that's a long time for a book to be strong. I mean the legs on this sort of thing are outrageous, and so this is going to carry it forward."

"This book is rather special. I don't recall anything, any other title having as big of a fan base as the Harry Potter books," Hastings Book Manager Brett Edwards said. "Not many other books of a following to do this sort of thing."

The following the books have generated has not only led to movies and themed toys, but spoilers of the book are already being leaked over the internet.

Security surrounding the release is so tight that many book stores are not even allowed to open the boxes till midnight July 21.

Although stores can not release the exact numbers of books they will have available, officials say there will be enough to go around.

"We have enough for walk-ins tonight, tomorrow, through the weekend, and we're going to get many more orders," Cole said.