Rodeo Riders Show Their Mettle at PRCA Event

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Rodeo riders are a different breed, as is proven annually at the Bryan Breakfast Lions Club PRCA Rodeo.

"You've got to be prepared mentally, and respect what you do as being a little dangerous," said Lance Kelly, who is riding at the 36th annual event, which got underway Thursday and continues through Saturday.

The riders and organizers will tell you what happens in the arena is no hobby. It's their living, and it's dangerous.

"They've got to have their mind right," said Sammy Catalena, one of the event's organizers. "It's something that they've got to want to do. When you get on these types of bulls and horses, you're not playing around."

The mindset of a rider has to be one of complete focus. Otherwise, bad things can happen.

"It's all man against beast," Kelly said. "Just slacking off and thinking that you're good, and you'll get hurt."

"Bulls are bulls, and we breed some of these bulls too," Catalena said. "They have some breed in them that makes them want to buck. You can't make one do anything. They've got to have it in them and want to do it."