Catalena Cowgirls Trot Out Special Event for Kids

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The rain Friday morning didn't stop the Sammy Catalena Rodeo Company from putting on a special show for some very special Brazos Valley children.

"The Catalena Cowgirls came together and we decided to start something within our group, and we just kind of brain stormed and decided to come up with doing something with children in particular," said Sherry Jennings, one of the Catalena Cowgirls. "Well, then it became special needs for anyone."

Several of the girls have been involved with special needs kids and put out the word.

"We've got an area where they can go over and they can have the opportunity to through a rope at a calf dummy head on some hay, and then they get to try to kick a stick horse and try bucking the stick horse out and see if they can stay on for eight seconds," said Alissa Kimbrough with the Cowgirls. "They've got some barrels set up so they can run barrel races, and they have the opportunity to take a picture with the cowboy or cowgirl that gets to show them around and help them out. They also have the chance to get on a minature horse or regular size horse."

The Cowgirls hope to incorporate these mini rodeos into all of the venues they perform.