Dryer May Have Caused College Station House Fire

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Two College Station boys are safe and sound after escaping a house fire Saturday afternoon.

Just before 1o'clock, the College Station Fire Department was called out to a residence in the 1000 block of Carolina Street. Two boys were inside at the time of the fire, but managed to get out.

One of the boys, Corey Taylor, 13, said he smelled something burning in the laundry room when he woke up. He called his dad who told him to unplug the dryer and that's when he saw flames.

"When I was going in there to unplug it, a burst of flames came out or whatever," Taylor said.

College Station firefighters were able to put out the flames in about 15 minutes. The fire was contained to the laundry room, but the entire home sustained smoke damage. Authorities say the exact cause of the fire is being investigated. College Station Fire Official Bart Humphreys said even though their investigation should reveal the exact cause of the fire.

"Fairly frequently when people say dryer fires that means it started with lint build up and things like that," Humphreys said. "We don't know that for sure until we do the investigation. We'll try to determine if that was it or if it was electrical or exactly was the cause of this."

The Taylor family will not be able to stay in their home because of the amount of fire damage done. The Citizens Assistance Response Team is working to help the family begin rebuilding.