Couple Recovering from Bee Attack

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COPPERAS COVE, Texas (AP) - A Copperas Cove couple are recovering from an attack by bees that swarmed over them earlier this month.

The Folgers were returning from checking the construction progress of their new home when they were swarmed July eighth.

Doctors stopped counting Karen Folger's stings at 500. Charlie Folger had more than 100 stings on each arm.

The couple's three children were protected from the attack inside the family's sport utility vehicle.

The Folgers say the bees filled their mouths, making it difficult to breathe. Doctors at a local hospital told them they were lucky to survive.

Lampasas police Sergeant Tony Barrio says he'd never encountered such a ferocious bee attack.

Entomologist Alexis Park at the University of California-Riverside says she thinks the Folgers unknowingly disturbed a parent colony of Africanized honeybees.