Terrorism Fears Helped Shape Jury in Trial of Muslim Charity

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DALLAS (AP) - Five Muslim charity officials accused of giving financial aid to Hamas terrorists go on trial in Dallas this week.

Prosecutors and jury-selection experts say the responses of some potential jurors underscore the difficulty of ensuring a fair trial for the defendants.

Three out of the first 26 people interviewed for jury duty said they feared for their safety. That includes one man who said he wouldn't put anything past Middle Eastern militants.

None of the three made it on the jury picked last week to hear the case against Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.

The federal judge in the case took steps to produce an unbiased jury. Potential jurors were quizzed about their knowledge of the case, whether they could be fair, and even whether they knew any Muslims, most didn't.

The court declined to release the names of potential jurors, although they were addressed by last name in court.

Opening statements are scheduled for Tuesday. The trial could last several months.