Hundreds Turn Out for Asbestos Screening in Dallas

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DALLAS (AP) - More than 500 current and former residents of a West Dallas neighborhood that was home to a vermiculite plant showed up for asbestos screening over the weekend.

Parkland Memorial Hospital used a $250,000 state grant to X-ray up to 300 people.

But a higher turnout meant officials had to make a list of residents who were turned away.

In 2005, the federal government determined that the Texas Vermiculite plant could have exposed its employees and neighbors to asbestos. The plant operated from 1953 to 1992.

The plant released asbestos fibers, which can increase the risk of lung cancer and other disorders if they enter the lungs.

Health officials screened 25 people with chest X-rays in May. Parkland officials say eight of them showed signs of asbestos-related disease.

Officials say they hope to have test results from the screenings completed by August.