Walker County Residents Return After Weeks of Flooding

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Residents have returned to their houses along the Trinity River in Walker County.

After weeks of flooding, the water level has started to go down and the clean-up process has started.

The Trinity River spilled into homes in the Deep River Plantation and residents had been holed up indoors.

"I got a bunch of stuff out here," Darrell Goolsby said. "It just came so fast and it didn't slow down. I got everything out I could."

Wednesday brought with it much needed relief.
The water level dropped and residents were finally able to survey the damage.

"I got about two inches in my house," Goolsby said. "I've been remodeling for five years and I put new hard wood floors in and they're curling and buckling."

What wasn't damaged was few and far between.

Walker county officials say 30 to 35 houses have flood damage.

"I'm counting my blessings that I didn't get more," Judy Meeker said. "My daughter next door got five inches in her home."

The Green Rich Shores subdivision was underwater a week ago.
Residents finally started returning to their homes Tuesday.

"I would say yes it could happen if you live in this area," Meeker said. "You need to come back when we're not under these circumstances and see what a paradise we live in."

Paradise though is not what these residents are living in now.

"It's going to be hard on everyone down here," Goolsby said.

Red Cross has set up a shelter at the Riverside Methodist Church off of Highway 980 in Riverside.

Thursday Walker County and state officials will survey the damage in hopes of getting more federal assistance.