More Trouble for Gonzales

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WASHINGTON (AP) - There is more trouble for President Bush's embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Newly disclosed documents are fanning calls by members of Congress for a perjury investigation and his ouster.

Gonzales repeatedly told a Senate panel Tuesday that the Bush administration's terror surveillance program was not the issue at a briefing for eight key lawmakers in March 2004. He insisted they were told about another secret program he's been accused of trying to ramrod through.

But Democrats say a memo written last year by then-National Intelligence Director John Negroponte shows the congressional briefings dealt with the surveillance program, not the program claimed by Gonzales.

A spokesman for the Attorney General says he stands by his testimony.

Former Senator Bill Frist, who was among those briefed in 2004, has issued a statement which tends to back up Gonzales' account of the meeting.