Bedias Marine Takes One Last Trip Home

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He was born in Conroe and lived most of his life in Bedias. Now, Bobby Twitty has come home for the last time.

The body of Lance Corporal Twitty, who was killed in Iraq Sunday, arrived at Easterwood Airport just after 3 p.m. Thursday. His body met by his fellow Marines and his family, the Madisonville High School grad's flag-draped casket was brought from the plane to a hearse that would carry him home to Madison County.

"I think it's every citizen's obligation to pay respect to the men and women that are putting their lives on the line as this young man did," said John Happ, the director of Easterwood. "I think it's really an honor and a privilege that we're able to have this kind of a service at Easterwood."

Many flags out only for national holidays fly prominently in Madisonville, some at half staff in honor of Twitty. Around 50 citizens hailed the arrival of the hometown hero Thursday evening. Stan Crowder was among those awaiting the arrival of a young man forever known to all as a patriot.

"Not only did he die in Iraq, but he's a US military man," said Crowder. "To me, whether he had died in boot camp or whether he died in Iraq fighting a war, we've got to honor our servicemen and women here in the US and abroad.

"I personally didn't know him or his family, and we have more American flags flying right now than we do on the Fourth of July," he continued. "It's just a local outcry. He's a local fallen hero."

Visitation begins Saturday at Madisonville Funeral Home for the Marine Lance Corporal. He will be laid to rest in a service at Bedias Baptist Church on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Residents are planning to line the road from Madisonville to Bedias when the hearse makes its way to the service. It's expected to leave Madisonville Funeral Home around 12:15 p.m. Sunday.