Report Claims Heavy Alcohol Use by Some Astronauts Before Launch

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - A report says an independent health panel studying NASA astronauts found some had "heavy use of alcohol" before launch.

Details are the trade journal: Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Aviation Week reports the alcohol use by astronauts was within the standard 12-hour "bottle-to-throttle" rule applied to NASA flight crew members.

The panel was created following the February arrest of now-ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak, who was implicated in a love triangle after driving from Houston to Florida.

Nowak has pleaded not guilty to attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary with assault.

NASA plans a news conference today to release findings on the health of astronauts.

A NASA official confirmed the report has claims of alcohol use by astronauts before launch, but said the information is based on anonymous interviews and is unsubstantiated.