Montgomery County Company Supplied Sabotaged NASA Computer

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MIAMI (AP) - A Houston-area company supplied a sabotaged computer that's to fly aboard shuttle Endeavour next month.

Conroe-based Invocan announced Friday the company has not yet identified suspects or motives. Spokesman Kevin Champaigne says they don't know if it was just one person.

Invocon made the unit for Boeing -- NASA's main contractor for the space station.

The item, which is about half the size of a briefcase, was to be installed inside the space station to collect data from strain gauges on an outside beam.

Invocon found severed wires in an identical unit being tested last week -- then alerted Boeing to check the space-bound unit and another one in storage.

Both had similar damage.

The units were tested June 4 at Invocon and then shipped to Boeing. Boeing is repairing both units.

Endeavour is set for launch August 7.