A&M Professor: Texas's Drought is Over

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COLLEGE STATION, TX -- Plenty of rain through much of Texas the past year has led weather officials Thursday to declare that the drought is over.

It's the first time drought conditions have ended in Texas in at least a decade.

John Nielsen-Gammon is the state's climatologist and a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M. He says Texas has gotten so much rain this year, it's pretty much made up for the past few years of drought in several areas of the state.

Nielsen-Gammon says only isolated areas in the northern Panhandle, far West Texas and along the eastern margins of the state are still below normal for rain.

But he says if there's enough rain to say we're drought-free that means there's enough water around to cause other problems.

Nielsen-Gammon says many farmers are struggling to salvage crops that are under water.