Perry Keeps Fundraising Efforts Going Strong

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Governor Rick Perry received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money over two weeks in June.

Much of it came from big donors.

That leaves him with $1.4 million on hand to spend on campaigning.

The haul led to speculation that Perry might run for an unprecedented third consecutive four-year term in 2010, and Perry hasn't ruled that out.

Perry told potential donors in a June letter that he wants to hit the road this fall to talk up what he considers the important issues needing attention at the Capitol.

The Associated Press reports Perry pays for most of his official travel with his campaign account, not his state government budget.

Perry spokesman Robert Black says the governor's summer fundraising means he believes there is a lot of work left to be done during his tenure.

Black repeated that Perry hasn't decided whether he'll seek another term.

If he doesn't run again, Perry could give the money back to donors, give it to charities or a university or hand it over to the state treasury.

AP reports if Perry leaves office, he has up to six years to dispose of money from his campaign fund.