Dog Shot After Pit Bulls Threaten Several Residents

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A dog was shot Sunday evening after Texas A&M University Police say a pair of aggressive pit bulls threatened several residents in the Twin Cities.

The first report came from a family in Hensel Park who say one of the animals lunged at their child. University Police tracked the dogs to College View in Bryan, where another man says he too was confronted by the aggressive duo.

UPD officials say when they approached the dogs, one of them charged at the officers, and the dog was shot and killed.

"It is a point of last resort in a case like that," Chief Elmer Schneider with University Police said. "That would be the last thing the officer would have wanted to do, but for the safety of the other officers -- the animal control officer and himself -- that was the action that had to be taken."

As to whether the dogs had owners, university officers say only one of the dogs was wearing a collar.