A Town Rich in Lone Star History is For Sale

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Moody Anderson has owned The Grove just outside of Gatesville since 1972 and now he is selling it.

"I've been collecting all my life and I'm 82 years old and about worn out," said Anderson. "My back is worn out."

Anderson tried selling the 5 buildings and the hundreds of collectors' items inside for 2 years, but now he has put the whole town on E-Bay and talked to investors across the country.

"I was hoping somebody would come in and buy the whole thing and leave it as is where is," said Anderson.

The collectors' trinkets are now worth anything from $5 to $5,000.
You'll find anything from old signs and license plates, to a casket that was featured in the movie "Lonesome Dove."
"I don't have any count of it," explained Anderson.

So now it only makes sense to him to put the town up for auction.
"When I got here it about knocked me over he said he spent 4 years putting this together and I believe he spent everyday putting this together it's that much stuff," stated Anderson.

"The Smithsonian Institute has deemed it an historical Texas museum so to come across something like this to sell is probably once in a lifetime deal," exclaimed Anderson.

It's a lifetime of memories for Moody, but what's next?
"Well I don't know what's next I'll just have to wait and see," said a hopeful Anderson.

The auction will be held this Saturday.