Bonham Line: New Elementary Will Open On Time

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Two months of heavy rain could have easily delayed construction of Bonham Elementary, but things have proceeded according to plan.

Bryan ISD Executive Director of Planning and Operations Grady Slaydon says the project is on schedule. In anticipation of the unexpected, Slaydon says, the contractor, architects and district construction officials planned ahead. The completion time table accounted for possible wet weather.

Now that constructions crews do not have to worry about catching up, Slaydon says there is enough time to add the finishing touches and to let teachers prepare their new teaching environment.

"Get the furniture moved in and get the teachers moved in and allow them time to set up their classrooms," Slaydon said.

When faculty and students enter the new building, they will see one thing automatically: "the room," Slaydon said. "There's quite a bit more room in this facility."

Some 20,000 square feet more that produced 36 classrooms. Additional space was planned based on a recommendation from Texas Education Agency for certain grade levels.

"There's a twenty-two-to-one rule: twenty-two students per teacher that helps us determine how many teachers we need for elementary students," Slaydon said. "That's in effect for the lower grades."

Bigger classrooms are also equipped with multimedia technology.

"The teachers will have projectors tied into their computer system to where they can project on an overhead screen," Slaydon said.

The new Bonham Elementary seems to have the building blocks for a successful school year.