Residents: Stray Dogs Making Streets Unsafe

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Stray dogs are running rampant on the streets of Burleson County. That's what some residents are saying, along with the fact that more needs to be done by local officials to ensure their safety.

"People used to jog all up and down the roads with their dogs on a leash, but you can't do that anymore because you'll get attacked," Cade Lake resident Marvin Weiman said.

He adds people have moved out of the area and left their dogs behind, creating a pack of dogs which now roams the streets.

"It's gotten so bad with the dogs coming into heat that the mature dogs all gather up at these locations where no one lives," Weiman said. "These dogs fight all night long."

Some residents say as many as 15 to 20 dogs can gather at one end of the road at a time.

"They're ain't no leash law in this county. In town there is," Ronnie Callaway, a Cade Lake resident said.

Weiman says reports to the Sheriff's department and the county commissioners have proven futile, and that the officials aren't doing enough to keep the dogs of streets.

However, county officials say that's just not the case.

"I've checked with the deputies. I've also checked with the dispatchers. We haven't had a concentrated number of calls lately or any time in the recent past about that kind of problem, of that number of dogs," Burleson County Sheriff Dale Stroud said.

However, one resident says with tragic events such as the dog attack in Milam County where Lilian Stiles was brutally killed while mowing her lawn, an animal control officer is needed in the area.

"It could happen in your county. It can happen in my county, any county," Weiman said. "I explained that this could be your wife, your mother-in-law, your son, any one of these, yet they listen with deaf ears."

Local law officials say they are not opposed to bringing in an animal control officer.

"If the problem became such that there was one needed, I certainly would recommend it," Stroud said, "but you've got to understand the cost. You've got to balance the cost against the problem, and up until now, I haven't had the number of calls that would tell me we needed someone doing that full time. I couldn't keep someone doing that full time doing that at this point."