Third Major Marijuana Field Busted in Dallas Area

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DALLAS (AP) - Authorities have discovered a large marijuana grove in the vicinity of a Dallas County lake, the third such find in two weeks.

Police were using bulldozers Thursday to cut their way through a dense and swampy forest to reach the plants.

Federal Drug Enforcement Agency spokeswoman Terri Wyatt declined to estimate the size of the operation until agents were able to get a closer look.

She said it was too early to know whether the grove discovered Wednesday near Mountain Creek Lake is connected to two others found in July.

She says the DEA has been busy for two weeks pulling up marijuana.

On July 20th, authorities found a seven-acre marijuana field with more than ten-thousand plants near the border of Grand Prairie and Dallas.

On July 29th, a field of 1,600 marijuana plants was found within a few miles.