Fundraiser to Benefit Bryan's Grandview Cemetery

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A Bryan cemetery is in need of a major clean-up.

Grandview Cemetery was established in 1922 as a black community cemetery by the late Dr. William Hammond, Senior.

Since then, weeds cover gravestones and vandalism runs rampant.

"You have people here that were born into slavery," Walter Watson, the cemetery's owner said. "You have Civil War veterans out here and I'm just trying to do what I think is the right thing for the city. It's my contribution."

Watson assumed ownership of the property off of Highway 21 and since then, it's been more than a one man job.

In hopes of making the land look more like a cemetery, Watson is now asking for community help.

"Through the fundraiser we'll be able to get some kind of maintenance to the cemetery, as well as a fence, road, and more grass out here," Watson said. "That would take care of it."

On Saturday, a barbecue lunch and bake sale will take place at Sue Haswell Park from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The public is invited and asked to make a $6.50 donation for lunch.

The fundraiser will also signify the establishment of the Dr. William Hammond Senior Memorial Foundation. The foundation was created to honor Hammond's contributions to the city.

The foundation's function and goal is to operate and manage the Grandview Cemetery.

Watson says part of the money raised will go towards building a fence to protect the cemetery. He says people now use the cemetery to throw away tires and large appliances.

He expects the fence to cost about $10,000, but says it will be worth it to keep vandals from ruining what's supposed to be a tranquil place.

For more information about the Grandview Cemetery Fundraiser you can contact Walter Watson at 492-1475.