Authorities Bust Alleged Illegal Med Sales in Montgomery County

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A pair of Spring residents are behind bars, accused of illegally selling prescription medicine.

Christopher Dolan, 27, and Chelsea Sulak, 22, were arrested Thursday after a two-month investigation by Montgomery County special investigators. Officials say undercover agents bought Hydrocodone and Xanax from the duo.

When they were arrested in the parking lot of a south county drinking establishment, authorities say more than 600 prescription pills were found on them. Also seized were a Cadillac STS and $800 in cash

Dolan and Sulak face multiple felony charges. For Dolan, he's charged with five counts of delivery of a controlled substances, with two of those being first-degree charges, one being a second-degree charge, and the remaining two being third-degree charges. He also is charged with possession of a controlled substance and posession of dangerous drugs.

Sulak faces two first-degree and one third-degree felony charges of delivery of a controlled substance.

The charges Dolan and Sulak face are enhanced by the fact that they were in a drug free zone, according to authorities.