Tax-Free Holiday Pushed Back on Calendar

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In years past, Target Store Manager Chuck Simmons says this particular weekend, he and other local retailers would find their stores teeming with bargain hunters looking to take advantage of the state's annual sales-tax timeout.

"In the past, the first weekend in August has been our tax-free weekend," Simmons said.

However, it's not this weekend. A few months ago, the Texas legislature changed the start date of the school year to August 27. In conjunction, they pushed back the tax-free weekend to be closer to that date.

Simmons says his staff will use the extra time to get ready for the big event, now set for August 17 through 19. Shopper Courtney Todaro says a lot of people could have their shopping sessions sidetracked unless they are willing to wait a little while longer.

"People are trying to get ready to go to college, go to school," Todaro said. "I think they're just looking forward to a tax-free weekend and stuff."

For the past two years, Heather Reynolds has enjoyed paying sticker price for back to school clothes. She says lawmakers may have forgotten some Texans budget their spending for the first of the month when they get paid, and suggests people could have been planning to buy school items with the month's first check so their next pay check could go to other expenses.

"I think it would have been a good idea to have it at the beginning because you're also going to have to deal with school supplies and everything else you have to get ready," Reynolds said. "It would have been good to get that out of the way."

Regardless of when the tax holiday is scheduled, most are just glad for the chance to take off the taxes. Keep in mind that school supplies will not be tax-free items.