Still No Arrests Months After Navasota Store Owner Killed

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It's been several months since Bobbie Freeman Chatman saw Don Stolz alive. In July 2009, Stolz was shot and killed at the liquor store he owned in Navasota. Chatman said though it's been several months since Stolz's death, he is still missed within the community.

"He had an impact on a lot of people here in Navasota and he was a very good person," said Chatman.

Chatman said she and Stolz were friends for about 40 years. She said just last week she drove by the empty building Stolz owned.

"I went over there and I just kind of drove around in a circle and turned around, but it's just that I miss him so much," said Chatman.

Investigators believe at least two suspects robbed the store where Stolz was also known to cash checks. Police believe the suspects may have escaped in an older model Chevy Astro van with damage to it's front driver's side.

Since the 57-year-old was murdered investigators have released few details about the investigation. Thursday, News 3 spoke with Grimes County District Attorney Tuck McLain to see what's being done to keep the case alive.

"The vehicle has produced some leads. It has been one of the areas that Navasota (police) and the other investigators have been following up on," said McLain.

McLain said because there was no video surveillance or eyewitnesses to the murder, they're relying heavily on forensics to solve the case.

"It well exceeds 100 various items that were taken from the crime scene. Of course evidence has been collected since then from other locations. Some has been submitted for single purpose such as fingerprints, and some has been submitted for multiple analyses," said McLain.

Chatman hopes the investigation will soon lead to the capture of the suspects responsible for leaving the community without the man so many people called a friend.

"As the older people would say it's a sin and a shame for people to do something like that because he was a very kind hearted person," said Chatman.

Navasota Police Department, Grimes County District Attorney's Office, and the Texas Rangers are all investigating this case.