National Night Out: Goodbye to Crime, Hello New Neighbors

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It's expected to be a going-away party like no other.

The Texas A&M community is invited to the 24th annual National Night Out, where residents across the twin cities will get the chance to not only to meet their neighbors, but hopefully say goodbye to crime in the process.

Local safety experts will be on hand along with emergency crews to provide crucial information to the public.

"The whole idea behind it is for neighbors to host block parties, and for the neighbors to get out and meet and greet one another, get to know each other," Dave Fallwell with the College Station Police Department said. "That kind of produces a security force for them."

"It's just a way for people to get out there and get to know each other," added Robyn Lewis of the Bryan Police Department. "It really symbolizes telling criminals, 'we're we're not going to take it, and we don't want you in our neighborhoods.'"

Nearly 500 people are expected to participate in the festivities, which begin Tuesday evening from to 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at various locations across the Twin Cities and at the University Apartments Community Center in College Station.