CS Council Gives Green Light for Red Light Cameras

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Monday's accident, believed to be caused by a red light runner, was brought up prominently at Monday night's College Station city council meeting.

The council gave the OK to move forward with plans for red light cameras at five intersections in the city:

- Eastbound Harvey Road at Munson
- Northbound Wellborn Road at George Bush East
- Northbound Texas Avenue at Walton
- Westbound Harvey Road at George Bush East
- Northbound Wellborn Road at Harvey Mitchell

The intersections were chosen though consultations with the city and the cameras' vendor.

An ordinance and a contract with the camera vendor still must be approved by the council, but councilmembers were overwhelmingly in favor of the cameras.

"It's really not about money," said James Massey, who represents Place 1 on the council. "We can't put a business model to safety. We can take that money and use it for education. It's not like we're putting it in our coffers and going traveling on it. We're using it for specific purposes."

A citation of upwards of $75 could be issued to violators caught on the camera. Councilmember Chris Scotti asked that the council consider a flexible fee for the future, saying that he did not want to give off the impression that the city was out to profit through the program.

As per state law, 50 percent of the revenue generated through citations must be paid back to the state. That money would then go into a fund for trauma centers across the state, including six area locations.

The money the city retains through the program must be used for public safety, pedestrian safety and traffic safety programs, among others.

An additional five cameras would be placed at intersections in the third year of the proposed five-year plan.