Slick Roads cause Dozens of Accidents across the Brazos Valley

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COLLEGE STATION- It's a hazard that not a lot of Texas drivers are used to, and it got the best of more than a few who skidded and rolled in crashes around the area.

"A lot of accidents happened today," said Vince Court, the owner of Excel Towing & Wrecker Service. He and his crew have been towing cars from weather-related accidents since about three in the morning when the sleet and snow really started coming down across the Brazos Valley.

"A lot of wrecks have either been winch outs or rollovers," Court said. "We've had a few that have been majors but I think everybody is okay."

Since midnight, more than 100 accidents and other traffic related calls were reported in Brazos County alone.

Investigators say slick roads caused an 18-wheeler to jackknife around 8 this morning on Highway 6 near Rock Prairie in College Station. Traffic was diverted for hours until the wreck was cleared.

Even if the roads have been treated for ice doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. First responders across the region say to use caution while driving and slow down.

"If you do have to be out and about, observe some good safety rules of increased following distance, reduce speed at all times, but specifically around bridges and overpasses," said Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger with the College Station Police Department.

Further north on Highway 6 in Robertson County, roads were particularly slick causing a dually truck hauling a trailer full of horses to slide off the roadway into a ditch. Luckily, the driver and horses weren't injured and were able to continue their trip.

Also on 6 Thursday night north of OSR, a pickup truck slid on ice and rolled over onto the median. Again some frightened occupants, but no serious injuries.

"We are hopeful that we will return to more Texas like weather and that the roadway conditions will improve and with it, reduce those risks to the travelers," Fleeger said.

Most of the accidents in the area weren't serious; something emergency responders say they are grateful for.