Medicare Telephone Scam On-Going, Says Local BBB

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The local Better Business Bureau office is warning of a potential scam making the telephone rounds.

According to BBB, an unidentified individual is calling seniors in the area and saying their Medicare coverage and supplemental insurance is at risk. In order to protect against losses or increases in premiums, the caller tells seniors that a card can be purchased for $300, and that card will only be offered once.

The BBB wants to get the word out that Medicare beneficiaries are never contacted through e-mail or by telephone when it comes to the status of their coverage. If you are contacted by this scammer, BBB officials say to try and get the caller's name and any other information you can, but to never give any personal information to them.

If you receive a call from this scam, you're asked to call the Better Business Bureau at 260-2222 or (800) 392-3798.