KBTX Anchor Charged in Prescription Drug Case

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News 3's Joe Brown was charged Wednesday with two counts of fraudulent possession of prescription drugs.

Court documents state Brown received 210 doses of Hydrocodone in a 17-day period in January from three different doctors and three different pharmacies.

Brown underwent his second major back surgery in October 2006.

Over the past few years, he cared for his wife, who suffered from anorexia and died in May.

Brown was released Wednesday from the Brazos County jail on a personal recognizance bond.

KBTX General Manager Mike Wright released the following statement:

"Stories like this are never easy to report. When we first learned of the pending charge against Joe Brown, as any family would do, we showed our emotional support for him.

"Our obligation, however, is to uphold our commitment to fairly and accurately report on events and people making news. To treat this situation any differently would compromise the trust you have placed in KBTX as a reliable source for information.

"At the heart of KBTX is a deep commitment to do what is right, even if we become the news. Such is the case with KBTX News Three anchor Joe Brown.

"Joe will remain on leave from KBTX until issues surrounding this case are resolved."

Attorney Jay Granberry, who is representing Brown along with Earl Gray, released the following statement:

"Joe makes no excuses and takes responsibility for his actions.

"Although anxious for a resolution through the justice system, Joe has voluntarily begun treatment.

"He's confident -- and we're confident -- that he will work through this and soon return to the job he loves and to the community that he cares so much about."