One Way Change for Bryan High School Street

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There is a big change for drivers on one busy street near Bryan High School.

Campus Drive located along side of the high school is now a one way street. Traffic on the street will lead to Oak Ridge Drive.

The city of Bryan decided to make the change for two reasons. Bryan's city engineer, Paul Kasper, said one reason is to reduce traffic congestion on Briarcrest Drive that is experienced during the start and end of the school day as buses and parents load and unload kids.

The second reason for the change is to prepare for upcoming improvements to Briarcrest Drive that have been planned by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Kasper said, "This is kind of a multi-phase approach to get traffic better circulate back to a future signal that will be at Oak Ridge intersection by Wal-Mart."

Police are monitoring the area to help drivers get used to the change, and there will be an increased police presence during the first week of the school year.