East Texas "Redneck Games" Under Scrutiny

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DALLAS (AP) - So-called "Texas Redneck Games" and the "Texas Redneck Muddy Gras" are drawing scrutiny from law officers and unhappy neighbors.

For years, retiree Bobby Williams has endured the roaring engines of all-terrain vehicles, midnight fireworks shows and thousands of drunken revelers.

The 76-year-old would like such events banned.

The latest pay-to-attend gathering about 70 miles southeast of Dallas ended Sunday with more than 50 arrests and citations.

Henderson County sheriff's authorities are considering charges against the show's organizer.

Oscar Still of Kilgore could face a misdemeanor charge for not having a permit.

Still didn't immediately return calls to The Associated Press for comment.

Garland Pool owns the 3,000 acre Pool Ranch ATV Park that's leased out for such events.

Pool told AP he was aware of neighbor complaints, but hadn't heard anything from the sheriff's department.

Pool says since he leased out the property he's not in charge of what happens out there.