Taxing Changes for Local Tax Office

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Gerald "Buddy" Winn served in his role at the Brazos County Tax Office for more than 30 years before announcing his plans to retire.

"Right now i'm just going to mow weeds, and build fences, and tend to my cows, and do whatever my wife wants me to do," Buddy Winn said in an interview after announcing his retirement last month.

The long time tax accessor-collector, Winn, is now getting a chance to do just that. Currently on vacation in Colorado, officials say things have been much different around the office since he officially retired more than a week ago.

"There's just kind of hole in the office," Kristeen Roe with the Brazos County Tax Office said. "We've been taking all the steps necessary to do the change over. We've had to open up new bank accounts and get all the transferred money and everything situated."

Roe has been appointed to fill Winn's shoes until the next election. However, with the hustle and bustle of the office, she has had little time to let her new position as tax assessor-collector settle in.

"It's been a little bit frantic around here, it's just that time of year in the tax office," Roe said. "We have all the values that have been certified by the appraisal district now, so all the taxing jurisdictions are needing their calculations for their effective tax rate and roll back tax rates. We've been working on that day and night."

However Roe is no stranger to long hours, and the duties of her new position, having served as collector in another county for more than a decade.

The increased workload is one that Winn prepared her for himself.

"I spent the last six years working just right next to Buddy and dealing with everything, and he never kept me out of anything, he always included me in everything he did," Roe said.

The tax office looks to keep up the busy flow for the next few months as several projects are already underway.

"We're actually working with the Secretary of State's office right now, they're testing their team software and we're helping with that and we're participating in their testing process," Roe said.

Tax payments are now made payable to Kristeen Roe at the Brazos County Tax Office.