Teen Charged with Murder in Crash that Killed Four

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HOUSTON (AP) - A 15-year-old boy who slammed a stolen car into a freight train parked at a railroad crossing has been charged with murder in the deaths of four of his passengers.

Bobby Davis, of Baytown, is scheduled to appear at a detention hearing today.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says the teens were joyriding on June 14th in a Jeep Cherokee that Davis had stolen when the accident occurred at four in the morning.

The one boy to survive along with Davis reported that Davis was trying to "catch some air" by speeding over the crossing.

Joe Arbona, a spokesman for Union Pacific, says the train had been idling at the ungated, unlit crossing for about 30 minutes when the crash occurred.

Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, an attorney for the Davis family, has said that the stolen vehicle didn't contribute to the crash but the idling train did.

Killed were Davis' 14-year-old brother, Austin; 12-year-old Loral Moyers; her 14-year-old cousin Macy Moyers; and 14-year-old Colette Windham.