Heating Up Safety Steps For Summer

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Sweltering heat has replaced weeks of rain and it's forcing people to look for cool places.

Any place where water is available seems to the place of choice to stay cool.

Elisa Reyna is one parent looking to enjoy the summer but escape its heat.

"We don't try to stay out too long but if we do I just let them play in the water," Reyna said.

Children along with the elderly are considered the most at risk groups.

Texas A&M Health Science Center Doctor and professor Rachel Bramson said when you are exposed to the heat there are some symptoms you need to be aware of.

"If you're having problems feeling nauseated, very tired, very weak, muscle cramps, if you're not sweating that's worrisome," Bramson said.

Other symptoms to pay attention to are: dizziness, headache, fast heartbeat, vomiting, and feeling worried. Experts advise if you know you are going to spend time outside prepare yourself.

Dress in lightweight, light-colored clothes and stay hydrated. These few tips could keep you from getting licked by the dog days of summer.