Trouble for Endeavor?

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Two spacewalking astronauts have finished installing a new beam on the International Space Station.
Astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Dave Williams installed the two-ton square-shaped beam to the backbone of the station.
The beam, or truss, was delivered by space shuttle
Endeavour along with other station equipment that will be hooked up
in coming days.
Midway through the six-hour spacewalk, NASA's main
command-and-control computer aboard the space station mysteriously
shut down.
The backup automatically kicked in, and the third computer went from standby to backup.
Mission Control says the problem did not affect the spacewalk or the health of the station.
Meanwhile, engineers on Earth continue to examine images of a
gouge in the shuttle's heat shield.
The three-inch gash in the shuttle's belly will be inspected in
greater detail tomorrow.