Karl Rove Resigns

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Another senior White House official is heading for the exit.
President Bush's chief political adviser is leaving his job at the White House at the end of the month.

Karl Rove is a longtime member of Bush's inner circle who the
president nicknamed "the architect" for designing the strategy
that twice won Bush the White House.

White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino calls this "a
big loss." She says Rove is "a great colleague, a good friend,
and a brilliant mind."
Perino says Rove has been talking with the president for "about
a year" regarding when might be a good time to leave. Ultimately,
she says Rove decided there was never a good time, just the
"right" time.

Several other top administration officials have announced their
resignations since Democrats won control of Congress.

It's expected Rove will write a book after he leaves.
Rove's son attends college in San Antonio and he said he and his
wife plan to spend much of their time at their home in Ingram, near