Williams' Biography to Provide Insight of Poltical Figure

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AUSTIN -- He's been a wildcatter, rancher, multimillionaire and more. But West Texas businessman Clayton Williams may be best known for his GOP run for governor in a campaign sunk by his gaffes.

The 1990 governor's race was his to lose -- and that's what he did, propelling liberal Democrat opponent Ann Richards to the state's top office.

A new authorized biography, titled "Claytie," chronicles the 75-year-old Williams in politics and his business career. The author is former Associated Press correspondent Mike Cochran.

Williams commissioned the biography, published by Texas A&M Press.

The race against Richards drew worldwide attention to Texas politics with the cowboy image of Williams, his promise to introduce young drug offenders to "the joys of bustin' rocks," and his notorious remarks on campaigning in the rain.

Reporters overheard Williams compare the weather to rape. In his words: "If it's inevitable," Williams said, "just relax and enjoy it."