Bryan's Budget, Roadwork, Ink Deal to be Discussed

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The city of Bryan's budget is up for discussion in Tuesday's city council workshop, where a review of last year's budget and a look ahead to the 2008 version will be discussed.

Following public hearings and council discussion, a final budget is expected by September 25.

Also at Tuesday's council meeting, a contract is expected to be awarded for the first phase of rehabilitation to Tabor Avenue in Downtown Bryan. That work coincides with the Justice Center's construction.

The contract for Phase One of the two-phase project would be for no more than $336,278. Overall, the rehabilitation is set to cost $750,000.

"Tabor Road will be reconstructed and changed from a center-drain street section to a typical crown street section with storm sewer lines, sidewalks, curb and gutter," reads the city's agenda for the meeting item. "The limits of the Tabor Road construction extend from 29th Street to 32nd Street. 31st Street will be reconstructed from Texas Avenue to Tabor Road to match elevations adjacent to the Justice Center Facility. Construction along 31st Street includes sidewalks, curb and gutter."

Although the agenda reads "Tabor Road", it is actually Tabor Avenue that runs through downtown.

Also, the council will consider an agreement with Toyo Ink for development and tax abatement over a nine-year period. Last month, City Manager David Watkins said he expected a groundbreaking for the polymer, ink and adhesive manufacturer in September.

The abatement is proposed to last nine years. The breakdown of the abatement is as follows, according to the city:

- 0% granted in Year 1(2007)
- 70% in Year 2 (2008)
- 60% in Year 3 (2009) and 4 (2010)
- 40% in Year 5 (2011) and Year 6 (2012)
- 20% in Year 7 (2013) and Year 8 (2014)
- 10% in Year 9 (2015)