Paws With a Cause: More Than Just Man's Best Friend

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Dog's are more than just man's best friend, in some cases their life savers.

The Paws with a Cause Organization, trains dogs to sniff out some serious medical problems with their owners.

Training for the dogs begins as a puppy, where foster parents socialize the dog to a variety of situations.

Becky Alter has raised ten dogs for the organization and has socialized the animals by taking them along with her to work, restaurants, and even on special errands.

After a little more than a year in her care, Alter sends the dogs off to see if they have the right stuff to be watchdogs for several serious medical conditions.

" He will go through an initial evaluation," Becky Alter, a PAWS foster puppy raiser. "If he passes the initial evaluation at the headquarters in Michigan then they will train him for about two months on basics, retrieving, and obedience. Then he will be assigned a partner, and be custom trained for that partner."

PAWS dogs are prepared to deal with a variety of medical problems.

"They train dogs for mobility, people in wheelchairs that need balance, dogs that have mobility issues," Alter said. "Hearing dogs and then seizure response dogs."

Trainers say some of the dogs become sensitive enough to their partners condition that they can sometimes alert their owner to upcoming seizure attacks.